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Personalise 24 pcs

Personalise 24 pcs

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Choose from a range of Healthy & Freshly made Delicious Premium Products.  Choose a box design / colour / carry bag. Choose a different variant for each line So a maximum of 6 variants of 4 pcs each, . You can choose one same variant in more than one line, or even choose same variant in all the lines.  

 This box is a combination of No Essence, No Preservatives. Only Pure Love & the rest below according to the variant option you choose.

(D&D) Date with Dry Fruits ~ A combination of soft sweet & fibrous Dates with crunchy Almonds, Cashew & lush green Pistachio. 

(Coffee) Coffee Date with Cookies ~ A combination of soft sweet & fibrous Dates with a rich note of Espresso along with crunchy Cookie.  

(Orange) Orange Date with Black Currant ~ A combination of soft sweet & fibrous Dates with tart & tangy mix of Black Raisins of the Sun and Orange Zest along with nutritious & crunchy Almonds & healthy melon seeds. 

(RA) Roasted Almonds ~ A roasted, crunchy and salted mix of almonds coated with the sweetest of honey.

(RP) Roasted Pistachio ~Best quality of Green & Pink Salted Pistachio Roasted & coated with honey.

(RAP) Rose Almond Pistachio ~ Almonds & Rose (gulcand) enveloped in a coating of lush green Pistachio.

(WD) Walnut Date with Coco ~ For Walnut & Chocolate lovers ~Completely Sugar Free