Sandesh Cakes (for delivery in Mumbai Only)

Our Motto at Vedic Spoons is to revive the Indian traditional food in a 💪 healthier and a  😋 tastier way. We love to 🥳celebrate and cut 🎂cakes, but always have the 😔 guilt of the extra calories that come with the baked chocolate🥧 cakes. Our 🙇‍♀Women Entrepreneurs & 👩‍🍳 Innovators have put in a lot of effort to come up with a collection of cakes that have half the sugar and double the protein. They are all Gluten-free and in some cases, Vegan and in some cases Sugar-free too. Introducing Sandesh Cakes Apt for the Gymming health-conscious youth. Cakes as rich & tasty as our Values & Traditions.
When it comes to Royalty nothing comes close to our Cake made with pure Pistachio and Almonds apt for Seniors 
You can place an order for up to one year ahead in advance so that you don't forget the Birthdays and Anniversaries of your loved ones.
A cake 🎂 low on calories and high on protein seems like a wish come true.

 Complete collection of Cakes only for Mumbai delivery rest products sent all over the world. Lead time is one day, so Order at least one day prior to despatch date. Or call 8976014586 for urgent deliveries.

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