About Us

Why Vedic Spoons?

In the last 6 decades with commercialization of food industry we have lost our originality & started using Man made artificial chemicals like colours, essence (flavours) & preservatives with the intention of reducing cost & increasing profits, not realizing the harsh impact of those chemicals. It also as loss of actual micronutrients & Vitamins which should have come from natural Ingredients. We have lost our vedic values to modern artificial synthetic additives based drinks for daily use due to our own anomaly.

 Vedis Spoons is introducing to you products as they were supposed be in the Vedic ages. We obtain our ingredients from special alliances we have built all over the world. Our ingredients are grown where they are  ecologically wild crafted or naturally cultivated. For Eg We get the best quality Mamra Almonds from the north western part of Himalayas i.e Iran & Afghanistan & Saffron from the Kashmiri Gardens of the Himalayas.

 Why are there only two products?

We started with only two products as we saw these products had lost a legacy of trust which these products enjoyed for decades. In the quest to make a cheaper product & to gain volumes, large scale manufactures started using Preservatives, artificial essence & other chemical additives which are definitely not the best sources for a good health . So we took up the task of revitalizing the traditional culture & concentrate on making only high quality products, as they were intended 100’s of years ago. 

We will only come with more products if we are satisfied that our product differentiates from others in terms of health and thus adding value to our customers lives. 

Where is Vedic Spoons located?

Proudly INDIA.

Is Vedic Spoons hiring?

Not actively, but we’ll take a look at any resumes sent our way (send email to health@nutriprash.com). 

 Are products available in stores?

We are currently only selling directly, but we are interested in expanding. If you know of a shop (or own one) that sells Organic & fresh health food, who would be interested, we’re all ears!

Can i Purchase in wholesale and/or become a distributor?

If you are interested in wholesale and/or distribution reach out to health@nutriprash.com.