We have identified age-old proven Ayurvedic recipes, researched why they lost their values over time. We have then identified better ingredients to make those products tastier & healthier. We are avoiding traditional mediums of Retail selling as the product does not remain fresh & without preservatives. Instead, we aim to make our products as per order & deliver directly to you so that you always receive Exclusive High Quality Freshly made goodies.

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  • Twice More Effective

    Delivered Fresh within 15 Days of Manufacturing

    Has 2 times more tannin as compared to a 180 day product.

  • Why is fresh Amla better than powdered Amla?

    Amla holds the highest amounts of Vitamin C, almost three times as an orange. It is easy to lose these vitamins from dry amla to oxidization. But with our way of using fresh amla, we ensure that you avail all its health benefits.

  • Free From Preservatives

    Preservatives hinder absorption of vitamin B causing a weak nervous system.

Nutriprash Benefits

Nutriprash is an Ayurvedic blend of Chyawanprash, Drakshavaleha & Bhrama Rasayana, which are the greatest boons of Ayurveda to Mankind. Nutriprash has all fruits, spices & herbs combined in precise proportion to a synergistic effect. This whole is more powerful than the sum of its parts. Its pleasant natural aromatic aroma & taste makes it palatable for all age groups ~ from Children to Elderly people. The Draksh(Raisins) add a cooling effect, thus making it suitable to be had even during the summer months. It is freshly prepared & delivered without the use of any preservatives. It contains the goodness of Amla, Almonds, Raisins, Saffron, Honey and a lot of other healthy natural ingredients which make it delicious.