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Authentic Thandai

Authentic Thandai

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~ 100% Natural Ingredients i.e. No Artificial Essence, Colour or Preservatives.

Thandai is an exotic mixture of Almond's, Saffron, Black Pepper, Rose, Fennel & Poppy seeds; it is to be mixed with Milk & /or Water. Tastes best when combined in a ratio of 20% syrup, 20 to 30% ice, balance milk. Garnish and blend with Pistachio, Refrigerate for 15 mins for the taste of all-natural ingredients to infuse in & then serve.
Vedis Spoons, with its expertise, brings you Authentic Thandai with organic ingredients specially procured from various parts of the world. The Mamara Giri Almonds from Iran, Black Pepper from Kerala and Saffron from the "land of the Lord" has been blended to make an exotically refreshing drink rich in micro-nutrients n vitamins.
For those who don't like the Authentic throat heating effect of the spicy Thandai can go for (less spicy) Thandai. This will only give a warming effect to the throat, not a heating one. We believe this is one drink which is tastier & healthier than all the other flavours you add to your kid's milk to make it delicious.


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