Nutriprash Sugar Free with Manuka Honey
Nutriprash Sugar Free with Manuka Honey ~ No Artificial Sugars ~ Sweetened with Prunes, Rasins & Dates - Vedic Spoons
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Nutriprash Sugar Free with Manuka Honey

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It has all the benefits of Nutriprash Manuka Honey without the sugar. We substitute the sugar with very healthy and nutritious Prunes, Raisins, Dates & Manuka Honey. Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand, which has been researched to heal wounds, so it helps people with stomach disorders like acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. It has been studied to effectively inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours in the breast, skin & colon. It may also reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.
    We do not add any preservatives as a policy in any of our products( as a matter of fact we are the first and only manufacturer of Sugar-Free without Preservatives), So always keep it refrigerated and consume within two months of opening. A sealed jar has a shelf life of 12 months if kept refrigerated. 

     To help form a healthy habit, we offer a 10% discount if you add six jars & use code Subscribe after checkout. A fresh jar delivered every 30 days or as per your request. Saves you time & money, as you pay only once. You can cancel any time and we will refund the balance amount.

     Since it is semisolid, Nutriprash can only be shipped by surface within India. It is Shipped from Mumbai & takes 3 to 8 working days depending on location. We air courier all over the world.   

     It is not as tasty as "Nutriprash Manuka" but if your body cannot afford the added sugar then this is the best alternate.

    Nutriprash Nett Wt   1 Jar Subscription Prepaid by Cash/Cheque
    Sweetened with Sugar   6 Jars 10% Disc
    Pay Per Jar
    Original (Honey)/   Pure Jain (No Honey) 800 gms 890 4806 801
    400 gms 500 2700 450
    with Active Manuka Honey (MGO550+) 800gms 1250 6750 1125
    Sugar-Free: Sweetened with Dates, Prunes, Rasins, Honey. (Refrigerate Always) No Sugar No Artificial Sugars No Preservatives
    Sugar-Free 390 gms 720 3888 648
    Sugar-Free with Manuka Honey 390 gms 960 5184 864