Why we do not sell in a retail outlet?

 We use all natural and premium ingredients compared to the artificial essence and flavours used by mass manufacturers,  this makes their products cheaper but with lower nutritional value and ours expensive but healthier. The disadvantages of artificial ingredients to the human body over a period of time is always a continuous point of debate and over the years many artificial ingredients once approved are later banned by the authorities for its adverse effects on human health. 

Mass producers advertise a lot with big star cast as they have volumes due to the cheaper cost,  which makes customers feel that they are established brands. Due to all these reasons the customer will not pick up our product unless he is told about the benefits of the same. The customer also has to taste and compare the difference for him to realize. This makes it very difficult for a normal store to succeed in selling our products. 

Only some niche stores which have owners who choose and pick their products selectively and love to communicate with others can sell our products.  The only restriction for the retail store is that they should stock Nutriprash only enough to sell in the next 7 days as we clearly mention on our brochure that we try to deliver our products within 15 days of manufacture. So our experience says that customers do look at the manufacturing date with uttermost  care when they purchase Nutriprash in particular and would not buy (or might return) in case they find a month old stock.