Why our products are effective and efficient?


 Vedic spoons

We use Fresh Amla round the year, where as most brands use dried powder amla, bringing down the antioxidant level of the product. 
 We do not use any Preservatives in any of our products, as you must be aware that any Organic product is not allowed to use Preservatives as they are harmful in the long term for our body as it hinders absorption of Vitamin B causing a weak nervous system. Hence the shelf life of our product is only 2 months, compared to 3 years of other brands even after opening the jar. 
 We use a lot less sugar and instead add more of Almonds, Rasins, and Honey making it more nutritional as well as tasty. 
We dispatch a freshly made product within 10 days of manufacturing to you, which helps with 30% more tanins (antioxidants) compared to a 90 day old product. 
Some brands have some big names in their advertising campaign. But for us our satisfied customers are only our brand ambassadors. You know about us because some one you trust has personally tried and recommended Nutriprash to you. 
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